Crissy Pascual from San Diego Union Tribune’s “Walk In Closet” column visited my house to see the interesting things I’ve picked up on my travels. She got a personal tour of my eclectic collection of treasures, doodads, COOL shoes, even my ring handmade from a $1 bill by a Russian waiter on a cruise ship…

A relocation to California after college in Pennsylvania plopped me in San Diego, a relatively young state in comparison to those I was accustomed to on the East coast. Upon arriving, I was eager to learn the history of my new home. This was the catalyst for my 800- mile walk to CA’s missions. What

The Galapagos Islands are teeming with amazing wildlife! It’s a must for your bucket list. My nephew, Pete Reeves, and I were thrilled to visit Ecuador’s World Heritage site, as you’ll read in this blog interview for Pink Pangea — a website for women who love to travel. Here is a Q&A with helpful tips

XETV interviewed me about my 800-mile trek through California to visit it’s 21 historic missions. Hear what I have to say about the walk of a lifetime… View TV interview here:

One of the bennies of traveling a lot is having a joyful jumble of stories to share with fellow globetrotters.  If you, like me, are romanced by the road, stop by any of my talks. I’d love to hear about your adventures!                          

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine.  You have questions, I have answers (hopefully). If I don’t, I’ll find them for you. My knowledge is your knowledge, and a few times a year I share it with those interested in the travel industry. Topics…

Since 2002 I’ve been guiding “Daycations” from San Diego throughout Southern California and Baja, Mexico.  We travel hill and dale finding fun! Doesn’t spending a lazy Saturday sipping vino in the Valle De Guadalupe south of the border, or champagne brunch abroad John Wayne’s private yacht in Newport Beach sound divine???        

The City of Light is dog friendly, if you know your way around ‘Is that a service dog?” the flight attendant asked as she pointed to my bichon frise curled up beside me on the airplane seat. “No, he’s not” I said. “Then he needs to be in his carrier under the seat in front

Aside from crystalline water and major wow factor, this slice of heaven is home to the most ADORABLE SWIMMING PIGS! Big Major Cay is uninhabited except for these sweet swine. They are exceptionally friendly and “piggy paddle” out to greet tour boats. Locals take care of the 20+ feral lovies, including piglets. Visitors giggle and

Okay, you MUST add this Baja, Mexico gray whale trip to your bucket list. Words and photos can’t describe the thrill. From January to March each year, Mexico’s San Ignacio Lagoon is full of gray whales who have migrated from Alaska’s Bering Sea to give birth to their calves in Baja’s warm water. People from