It was an absolute blast talking with Jim Christina & Bobbi Bell on L.A. Talk Radio’s The Writer’s Block! Their show is a series of conversations with writers of fiction, non fiction, music, poetry, history and, well pretty much whatever people write and for what reasons.They both have great sense of humors. We chatted about my

The brand, shiny new California Frontier podcast asked me to be their first guest. Producer Damian Bacich read my book about the mission walk and wanted to interview the woman crazy enough to WALK 800 miles?. What prompted me to hit the trail? What challenges did I meet along the way? Do I have a

Thanks Elaine Masters for interviewing me about my 800-mile walk to visit California’s 21 missions along El Camino Real. So fun you brought your radio equipment to Mission Bay in San Diego and we gabbed on the grass by the waters edge! We talked about why I hiked, how I trained & more. Listen here…

A relocation to California after college in Pennsylvania plopped me in San Diego, a relatively young state in comparison to those I was accustomed to on the East coast. Upon arriving, I was eager to learn the history of my new home. This was the catalyst for my 800- mile walk to CA’s missions. What

XETV interviewed me about my 800-mile trek through California to visit it’s 21 historic missions. Hear what I have to say about the walk of a lifetime… View TV interview here: