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As with most career changes, I started at the bottom and had to work my way up. I approached the editor of a small monthly newspaper asking if I could write a travel article for her publication. She said “sure, but I won’t guarantee I’ll publish it, and I won’t pay you.” So began my new venture. Fortunately, she liked the story and asked if I would contribute on a regular basis. The rest, as they say, is history. I now write for national and international media, gab with radio hosts about exciting destinations, and report on hot spots around the world for ABC, NBC, and CW television.

But, the life of a travel journalist isn’t all sunny beaches and five star hotels. I have various revenue streams which include teaching a writing class at San Diego Writers, Ink., guiding day tours to fun locales in Southern California and Baja, Mexico, and a really cool online store called Global Personal Shopper. Along my travels I find items from the whimsical to the exquisite that I like to share with you. I purchase a trove of marvelous indigenous pieces and list them on my website for you to buy.

As you follow my blog, I hope to roust your inner wanderlust and help you choreograph adventures beyond your wildest dreams!

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