What’s the difference between a Greek antiquity and an antique? An antiquity has been unearthed by archeology. An antique hasn’t. The former is usually much older, some pieces dating as far back as 4,000 years.  I embarked on a month long project to replicate an historic Greek pot at a clay studio. Within the first

The dance instructor called out “forward treble, brush, brush, hop” to the room full of students. At least that’s what I think she said. This was my first attempt at the popular Irish jig.  My fifth month into a yearlong culture trip exploring traditions from twelve different countries had me learning céilís (dances) of the

Taiwan is the size of Indiana, with a population of almost 24 million people. The island is located roughly 100 miles southeast of China. Although an independent country since 1949’s political strife with the Chinese Communist Party, China still claims Taiwan as one of it’s provinces.  Despite the contentious relationship between these countries, their traditions,

Groovy hits the desert in a big way with Modernism Week. The annual 10-day festival hosts 350 events showcasing the best of all things mid-century. Architecture, art, fashion, decor, landscaping, talks and more provide inspiration for how to emulate the 1950’s in your own home.  Over 100,000 people attend the festival. Events are spread throughout

“I want you to discover the joy of creations by your own hand…The possibility of creation from paper is infinite.” —Akira Yoshizawa This wise man was the grandmaster of origami. He developed the current standards for diagramming instructions and designed countless patterns. For the fourth month of my year-long Culture Trip I learned the Japanese

My yearlong culture trip continues to be both enjoyable and fascinating. If you’re new here, I’ve committed to engage in and highlight the color and culture of a different country each month.  This first venture was Spanish flamenco dancing. I enrolled in classes and chronicled the progress (or lack of :-)) on social media and

One joy of travel is learning other countries traditions. Indigenous food, music, and dance all reveal culture handed down through generations.  These traditions are emblematic of the countries where they originate. Travel is the great unifier. I find people eager to teach their practices, and equally as enthusiastic to learn other countries heritages. As we

The EU has postponed European Travel Information & Authorization System (ETIAS) visa requirements for US passport holders until 2025.  Originally slated to be required in 2024, ETIAS is an electronic travel authorization linked to your passport. It allows short-term entry into European countries up to 90 days within a 180-day period. The purpose is to

Imagine a world where long security lines, shoe removal, and unpacking your laptop at the airport become distant memories. That world exists, and it’s called TSA PreCheck, an expedited security program. The Department of Homeland Security started this service under the Trusted Traveler program in 2013. Here’s how it works. As a TSA PreCheck member,

I miss traveling. The anticipation when planning a trip, foreign foods, experiencing new places, meeting people around the world. I miss it all. Undoubtedly, you do too. While countries outside the United States may be closed for now, we can still create our own foreign getaway at home.  A few years ago I spent the