Swimming With Pigs in the Bahamas!

Aside from crystalline water and major wow factor, this slice of heaven is home to the most ADORABLE SWIMMING PIGS!

Bahama island near swimming pigs


Big Major Cay is uninhabited except for these sweet swine. They are exceptionally friendly and “piggy paddle” out to greet tour boats. Locals take care of the 20+ feral lovies, including piglets. Visitors giggle and beam while gallivanting among the Caribbean creatures.

Tours to visit pigs on Big Major Cay depart from Nassau and Great Exuma. The boat ride is three hours from Nassau and two hours from the latter port. A stop at beautiful Thunderball Grotto is fun. It was featured in the 1965 James Bond movie, Thunderball. Snorkel and wade among the fish and colorful coral.

Loving on a swimming pig

Precious swimming pig

Afterwards, the tour takes off to the main attraction — Piggie Island! The sweet swine are eager to see guests, as they know a food treat many by in store. They love hotdogs. Depending on which tour you take, they supply the beef dogs.

Not to be outdone by the swimming pigs, a few cays away Bahama’s Exuma Rock Iguanas have their own island. Equally as affection, the tropical lizards gently eat cabbage from seafarer’s hands.

Iguanas on the island with swimming pigs


Nearby tiny Stocking Island specializes in friendly Bahamian hospitality at Chat N’ Chill Bar and Grill, where they serve burgs, fish, BBQ chix (NOT PORK :-)), and Kalik beer— the local brew.

Local KALIK Beer

They claim to be a “slow food” spot which means you’ll wait awhile for your grub. That’s where the chill part comes in. This comes easily after spending the day hanging with the hoofed natives.”

Selfie with a swimming pig

Piggy “selfie”

Permission to come aboard

Permission to Come Aboard

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