One of the bennies of traveling a lot is having a joyful jumble of stories to share with fellow globetrotters.  If you, like me, are romanced by the road, stop by any of my talks. I’d love to hear about your adventures!                                                                                                                                                

On a Mission Presentation & Book Signing 

Point Loma Library

February 21, 2018 

Learn how you can walk to a few, or all, of California’s 21 missions along the El Camino Real. Having made the 800-mile trek myself, I have lots of tips for routes, gear, and how to connect with other walkers. My book — On a Mission — profiles the daily walks. I’ll be selling and signing copies at the presentation. See you there at 1 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.! Click ⬇ to register.


On a Mission Book Signing  at REI in Encinitas:

 November 15, 2017

Encinitas here I come! REI is hosting a presentation on my 800-mile walk to visit California’s 21 missions. I’ll be there sharing stories from the trail, tips on how you, too, can walk the El Camino Real, packing suggestions, and more. My book about the hike will be available, and I am happy to personally sign copies. Register here ⬇. Hope to see you in November!

A Presentation on my Mission Walk at Heritage of the Americas Museum: July 8, 2017

Join me at this one of a kind educational facility featuring historic art, culture and the natural history of the Americas. I will be discussing my 800-mile walk to visit California’s 21 historic missions, as well as signing the book I wrote along the hike chronicling what it was like to become the 11th person to complete this sojourn. Address: 12110 Cuyamaca College Dr. W, El Cajon, CA 92019. Event starts at 1 p.m.

 Sierra Club Presentation on my 800-mile Walk: January 6, 2017

I’m thrilled to present my 800-mile mission walk story at the Sierra Club Friday, January 6th! They’ve secured the Joyce Beers Community Center in Hillcrest for the event; 3900 Vermont St., San Diego, CA 92103. Starts at 6:30 p.m. If you’re free, come on by. You’ll learn lots of tips to perhaps do a mission walk of your own in 2017 ???.

 Ocean Beach Historical Society: January 19, 2017


This cool club in the sleepy, seaside town of OB has been preserving local history for decades. They asked me to share my 800-mile mission walk story with their members and anyone else who wants to attend.  The program starts at 7 p.m. and it’s FREE! Come on by!

Junípero Serra Museum: July 14 & October 29, 2016


Mission San Juan Capistrano

On the heels of my recent 800-mile walk to visit California’s 21 historic missions (yup, walk!), I will be participating in a panel discussing how these landmarks came to fruition and what they represent today’s millennium.


When Europeans began settling what is today San Diego County, they began colonizing a region already inhabited by native peoples with complex and sophisticated societies and inevitably altering the ways of life of those individuals, and setting forth permanent European settlement in the region. While the mission system itself has provided numerous opportunities for debate, it was an institution that shaped the early part of California’s history and has had lasting effects, both good and bad. This lecture will look at those effects and help to humanize the players on both sides.

Join us as four lecturers discuss this period of European contact, each from their own expert perspective that will give a glimpse into the struggles surrounding this collision of cultures and how, despite the past, all parties involved have woven their way into the diverse fabric representative of our region.

Adventure 16 Outdoor & Travel Outfitters: August 23 & 24, 2016

Discussion on Insider Tips, Route Planning, Needed Gear, & Physical demands of Walking California’s 800-mile Mission Trail

Marie, Jim, & Friar Bob

Recently, I embarked on an 800-mile walk to visit California’s 21 missions from San Diego to Sonoma along the El Camino Real. She divided the peregrination into 10 months, taking four days each month to cover 80 miles, with Amtrak as her chauffeur to and fro. Prior to launch, she sent an e-mail inviting friends and family to join her on any segment of the excursion. Many replied yes. What ensued was the journey of a lifetime to become the 11th person to complete this sojourn.

During the exhausting 20+ mile days, life stories were regaled, jaw-dropping sunsets were witnessed, and 1,000s of laughs were exchanged. This was the blueprint for each month’s walk. Along the way sore bodies were expected. What wasn’t expected was the kindness of strangers. The California Mission Walkers, a group of El Camino Real enthusiasts, followed Espinosa’s escapades on Facebook. Having never met any members, she was astonished when affiliates graciously opened their homes to she and her co-walkers, personifying the cohesiveness of the mission trail walkers.

Join Espinosa as she gives insider tips on how to tackle the trail, places to stay, route planning, needed gear, physical demands, the infrastructure, and connecting with other mission walkers. She’s written a book titled On a Mission, which is a compilation of her daily walks and photos taken along the way. She’ll be selling the guide for $10, and is happy to sign a copy for you.

Don’t miss this informative presentation and the chance to ask questions about how you can experience California’s Camino — the CALmino. 


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