10 Environmental Photos to Inspire You to Take Care of Planet Earth

Earth Day started in 1970 to shine light on our global impact and raise awareness of environmental conservation. Originally, it was only observed in the United States. But, in 1990, the movement went global with over 140 nations participating.

A few facts about Earth Day:

— After witnessing a massive oil spill spewing millions of gallons of oil off the coast of Santa Barbara, US Senator Gaylord Nelson organized Earth Day.

The first Earth Day was celebrated April 22, 1970. On that day, 2,000+ colleges and universities, 10,000 public schools, and 20 million citizens participated, about 10% of the US population at the time.

— Wanting to help in the initiative, more than 100,000 people rode bikes in China to reduce CO2 emissions and save fuel on Earth Day 2012.

— Some countries call it International Mother Earth Day.

— Earth Day has a theme song written by an Indian poet.

— Due to COVID-19, in 2020 an Earth Day Live event was hosted remotely. Approximately 20 million people worldwide tuned in to the 12-hour broadcast.

Worldwide initiatives to clean up neighborhoods, beaches, rivers, and parks span the planet, teaching how environmental conscious is paramount.

It doesn’t take grand gestures to participate in Earth Day. Clean up trash outside, forgo using unnecessary electronics, or plant a tree.

As a traveler, I visit some of the most beautiful natural habitats on earth. I know how precious these places are and the importance of conserving them for future generations to enjoy.


Here are 10 photos to inspire you to take care of planet earth.

San Blas Islands, Panama environmental

San Blas Islands, Panama

Todos Santos environmental

Todos Santos, Mexico

Exumas, Bahamas environmental

The Exumas, Bahamas

Pacaya Volcano Guatemala

Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala

Galápagos Islands, Ecuador environmental

Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

Viñales, Cuba environmental

Viñales, Cuba

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Sonoran Desert, Mexico

Sonoran Desert, Mexico

Anza Borrego Desert, California

Anza Borrego Desert, California

Redwood National Park, California

Redwood National Park, California

Our environmental awareness helps keep these places thriving for many generations to come.

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