10 Photos to Inspire a Summertime Visit to the Alps

The Alps are a 750-mile mountain range stretching across south-central Europe. Peaks soar as high as 15,776 feet. Long known as a winter ski destination, they are equally as beautiful in the summer months with their alpine lakes and lush green meadows.

The alps encompass Germany, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and France. The latter four countries have the greatest alpine territory.

Over 13,000 species of plants have been identified in the alpine region, make the summer months especially beautiful. The best known of them is the Edelweiss. It thrives in the higher altitude’s rocky limestone environment.

The European mountain range is also home to 30,000 species of wildlife from the tiniest  snow flea to the Alpine ibex — a species of wild goat.

Italy’s dolomites have 18 peaks. In 2009 UNESCO listed these as a World Heritage Site.

Switzerland has the actual Matterhorn, made iconic by Disney’s famous amusement park ride.

Ariel trams funiculars, and a railway make it possible for European visitors to enjoy the Swiss Alp’s peaks. The French portion of the mountains are popular for biking, paragliding, even white water rafting. As is Austrias.

Germany’s Bavarian Alps have quaint villages tucked among breathtaking scenery. It’s popular for spas and health retreats.

Mother Nature’s beauty bestowed upon this area makes it a must-visit destination in summer, as well as winter.

Here are 10 photos to inspire you to visit Europe’s playground!

The Italian Alps

Alps in Italy

Swiss Alps

Alps in Switzerland

Austrian Alps

Hang gliding in Austria

Family vacationing in Austria

Golfing in France

A picnic in the French Alps


There are tours available to destinations in the mountain region.


Here a a few popular ones to choose from:

Day Hike in the Alps 

Paragliding Over the Swiss Alps

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