Favorite Travel Accessories to Wear While Staying Home

COVID-19 quarantine has found me organizing my closet. Sorting through the garb has been a trip down memory lane as I arrange favorite clothes and accessories I pack for every trip. They’re not fancy items, but comfortable, durable and easily transportable. After years on the road, I’ve complied a “must have” list when traveling. Some pieces are so cozy, I find myself wearing them while in isolation. 

Here are a few favorites you’ll use whether staying home or on the road.

Converse All Star sneakers favorite pieces.

Converse All Star

A picture’s worth a thousand words, and that’s about how many miles I’ve walked in these Converse. They’re not only super comfortable, but the brand is popular all over the world, making them a fashion statement.

With most of us sequestered at home now, Converse All Star are perfect sneakers for walks and grocery shopping. I own multiple colors. They look cute with pants, shorts, even a sundress!

Lavanila deodorant favorite pieces.

Lavanila The Heathy Deodorant

Many of us try to be healthy. This includes watching what we eat and what products we put on our bodies. I came across Lavanila a few years ago when searching for a deodorant void of harsh chemicals. The aluminum and paraben free brand not only keeps perspiration and odor at bay, its velvet soft formula goes on clear and smooth. I love it!

There are numerous scents to choose from. Each has the perfect amount of fragrance and doesn’t vie with your perfume.

Lavanila offers a travel size, too.

White ball cap

Women’s Classic White Cap

Not all hats are created equal. It may seem like you have enough ball caps, but when you purchase the correct one, all others pale in comparison. The most comfortable are lightweight and made with a mesh fabric for breathability. Styles specifically made for women tend to fit them properly. I wear my ball cap  in chilly weather and hot. It’s one of my go-to items— at home when I haven’t washed my hair, on airplane flights when I pull it over my face to fall asleep, and when traveling for protection from the sun or wind. 

Black tee shirt

Long Sleeve Tee Shirt

Basic wardrobe pieces are usually favorites because they can be worn for various occasions. I never travel without at least one or two long sleeve tee shirts, and always wear one when flying due to the air conditioned airplane cabin. Their affordability makes them inexpensive to replace often.

When I spent seven weeks in Paris, I took a black, gray, and white tee shirt. Each paired perfectly with my cotton skirts, cropped pants, and Bermuda shorts. And they washed easily. A favorite piece in many ways! 

If you’re lounging at home or at a café on the Champs- Élyéese, long sleeve tees are perfect!

Carry-on & overnight bag

Carry-On/Overnight Bag

Someday soon, we’ll travel again. When we do, a chic tote to pack our goodies is needed. This weekender has served me well. The convenient size makes it easy to use by itself for quick getaways, and as a carry-on for longer trips. The padded compartment holds a laptop. Plus, there’s a separate, water proof section on the bottom for shoes or toiletries. There is a trolley sleeve on the back to slip over the handle of your rolling suitcase. It’s an all purpose bag!

Each of these items will become your favorite pieces.

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