On a Mission

OnAMission-bookcover3Recently, I laced up my Nike Pegasus and embarked on an 800-mile walk to discover California’s 21 missions. I wasn’t soul searching. I’m not an endurance athlete. I’m an ordinary 54-year old woman.

Prior to launch, I invited friends, family, and members of the California Mission Walkers Facebook group to join me on any portion. A surprising number said yes, including a few people I’d never met. What ensued was the journey of a lifetime.

During the exhausting 20-plus-mile days, friendships were forged and thousands of laughs shared. I learned such valuable lessons. Relationships are the heartbeat of life. There is a reserve deep inside everyone when called upon. Humanity is good.

I was only the 11th person to complete this sojourn. My book is a compilation of the journal and photos I recorded along the way. I haven’t changed a word. As the walk progressed, my entries became more contemplative. They convey my thoughts, feelings, and observations in the throes of my trek along California’s El Camino Real. Enjoy!






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