Tip for Managing Isolation Stress During COVID-19

We all are feeling the uncertainty of COVID-19 and the impact it has made on our lives. New reports about the pandemic emerge daily, if not hourly. While most of this is out of our control, we don’t need to allow the situation to riddle us with stress.

Isolation is the mandate, with social distancing on everyones’ mind. Now is the perfect time to work on projects that have been put on the back burner.

Let’s focus on making the most of the isolation.

Here are a few tips to stay positive and productive during the COVID-19 isolation!

Set a schedule when home during COVID-19


We are creatures of habit. When our routine is disrupted for long periods of time, we’re affected. Many things are cancelled or closed and our schedules are out of wack. So, create an at-home schedule. Wake up at a reasonable time, shower and get dressed. Designate an area of the house just for work. As tempting as it is to choose the living room sofa, a desk or office is better. Take a lunch hour, and two or three breaks throughout the day to walk around the block. Have a set quitting time.

Learn a New Language.


For most my adult life I’ve wanted to become fluent in French. But, time has been the issue. Well, not now! Most of us have something we’ve wanted to try — learn a new instrument, knit a blanket, or take online classes.

Now is the time to start those hobbies.

Here’s a few websites to get the creative juices flowing:

Learn to knit: https://bit.ly/3a4KkEH

Learn a language: https://bit.ly/2QqjY8f

Start a flower or vegetable garden: https://bit.ly/2WthrOs

Teach your dog new tricks: https://bit.ly/33yR2jS

Organize drawers.


You know the closet, pantry, or drawers you’ve put off organizing? Or the projects that need completing? Now’s the time to focus on these. Hem the pants, paint the flea market table, go through your stacks of magazines, arrange smartphone photos into folders.

Completing tasks will give a sense of accomplishment.

Take a Walk during COVID-19


Social distancing still allows us to take hikes and walks. A change of scenery and nature is good for everyone. The main concern is avoiding groups of people, not the outdoors.

Grab your significant other or a friend and head out for a little Vitamin D.

Eat well and reduce junk food. Meal delivery is an option. This supports local restaurants as they struggle to keep afloat. Grocery stores also deliver. You don’t have to forgo healthy dishes. Get enough sleep and stay hydrated. 

Retro TV.


Stay informed, but don’t watch the news 24/7. If bombarded with too much information, it can seem overwhelming. Catch updates on your favorite news channel once in the morning and evening, as well as read a few updates throughout the day to keep abreast on the COVID-19 situation.

Stay positive. We will get through this together.    


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