“¡Felices Fiestas!”

Around the world, the holiday season is a time for gathering with loved ones and sharing meals.

Celebrate the welcoming spirit of Mexico with this special one-time holiday box full of offerings from indigenous Mexican artisans. Perfect for your holiday table and year round!

The Global Personal Shopper Holiday Box

The GPS team filled the holiday box with treasures to decorate your holiday table and celebrate the season with friends and family. Items are also perfect for any year round occasion.  

Scroll down to see everything included in this special box.

$97 One-Time Payment (includes shipping)

Among the special holiday goodies will be …

Hand-Crafted Oaxacan Flower Candles *

This 300- year-old tradition has been passed down through the generations. Beeswax is melted over a fire fueled by wood and corn cobs. Discs are formed to make the flower petals. These discs sit in the sun for a month to bleach the wax so they can be dyed. All dyes are natural. For example, the red color is made from insects. Once dried, the women cut, shape and mold the wax discs into individual petals to attach along the candle taper.

*Candle holders not included.

Otomi Embroidered Napkins

These are hand-crafted by indigenous artisans in the Otomi region located in the mountains of La Sierra Madre in Central Mexico. Arte Otomi was the brainchild of Martha Aguilar who collaborated with the artisans to take the textiles to a new level. Within seven years, she has reinvented the traditional embroidery beyond napkins and tablecloths, to wedding dresses, upholstered chairs, lampshades, duvets and more. Her company allows dozens of embroiderers and their families to earn a good income. Her pieces have been featured on HGTV, Good Morning America, and in AD magazine.

Corico Cookies

The holiday GPS box includes cookies loved by Mexicans young and old. Only a few ingredients including corn flour are mixed together to create the perfect treat. Years ago Mexican abuelas would bake the golden rings in a wood-fire clay oven, filling the house with the cookies’ sweet aroma. Now the popularity of the snack has manufacturers across the country baking coricos.

Molcajete BArro

While most Mexican molcajetes are made of gray lava stone, the GPS team found unique handmade clay molcajetes painted by artisans in Chilapa Guerrero. Locals use the decorative piece to hold fruit, chips, and many other foods.


This hand-carved tool dates back to the Aztecs. GPS likes to include one piece in the box with a historic nature, gleaning a peek into yesteryear. The name molinillo means “whisk” or “stirrer.” It’s used to froth warm beverages such as hot chocolate or cappuccino. I guess you could say it’s an ancient blender. The useful piece was invented by the Spanish colonists in the 1700’s. The Aztecs used to blend chocolate mixtures by pouring the liquid from one pot to the next, until the desired result. Spaniards felt there was an easier way, so they designed the molinillo. It’s used by rotating the top of the wooden device between two hands, palm sides together. The motion creates froth. 

Items are lovingly selected and give you the opportunity to learn about a new global locale while “shopping” small.

Meet the Jetsetter!

As a freelance travel journalist, Maggie Espinosa was always finding unique mementos on her travels and crowdsourcing interest for her friends and family to bring back home.

To help spread the love of global adventure and local finds further, Maggie and her team launched the Global Personal Shopper Subscription Box and occasional special one-time box offerings. 

Driven by a dedication to small makers and businesses, they will be packing each box with six of the best local finds from each journey to share with you!

No Typical Tchotchkes Allowed!

Made with Hands and Hearts

GPS’ biggest mission is to support small local crafts people from across the globe. Bringing you incredibly unique items while helping family-run businesses and artisans make a living.

Grab your holiday box while supplies last, inventory is very limited!


When does the box ship?

The special one-time holiday box is estimated to ship no later than December 18th. No expedited shipping is available at this time.

What if I don’t like something in my box?

While GPS strives to include uniquely sourced items with a lot of variety and appeal, we realize everything may not be to everyone’s taste. If something in the box doesn’t suit you, you’re highly encouraged to share the love and gift it to your friends or family!

Can I get a refund?

Due to the nature of the Global Personal Shopper Holiday Box, a lot of time and energy is spent sourcing the products. Because of this, we are unable to refund your order once it has been billed. If you have questions, please reach out to magstravels@aol.com.