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A treasure trove of surprise souvenirs from your fabulously
well-traveled friend!

You know the one. The friend returning from her latest far flung adventure with stories and intriguing finds in tow.

When she finds a truly outstanding item, she’ll pick up a few extras to bring home for you.

These souvenirs allow you to delight in all the world has to offer, even when you’re too busy to venture out for yourself.

Don’t have that jet setting friend and wishing you did?

Good news! You just found your very own Global Personal Shopper (GPS)!

Make sure she brings you back something from her next adventure by joining  …

The Global Personal Shopper Subscription Box

A quarterly subscription box delivering unique finds from across the globe straight to your door!

Each box includes five specially produced products created by artisans and small businesses located in a surprise feature destination!

$97 quarterly (includes shipping)

Among these goodies will be

A Local Food

A way to experience a little taste of each destination. Food will be individually packaged from the manufacturer to ensure safety.

A Vintage Item

This find provides you a little piece of history from the destination.

Specialty Pieces

The best of the best! All hand-selected from local artisans.

Meet The Makers

We’ll share photos and details about the individuals behind the items.

Items are lovingly selected and give you the opportunity to learn about a new global locale while “shopping” small.

Meet the Jetsetter!

As a freelance travel journalist, Maggie Espinosa was always finding unique mementos on her travels and crowdsourcing interest for her friends and family to bring back home.

To help spread the love of global adventure and local finds further, Maggie and her team launched the Global Personal Shopper Subscription Box. 

Driven by a dedication to small makers and businesses, they will be packing each box with six of the best local finds from each journey to share with you!

No Typical Tchotchkes Allowed!

Made with Hands and Hearts

GPS’ biggest mission is to support small local crafts people from across the globe. This will allow them to bring you incredibly unique items while helping family-run businesses and artisans make a living.

Surprise Destination Inside

To keep things interesting, each quarterly box destination will remain a surprise! All the fun of traveling to a surprise corner of the globe, without worrying if you packed the right outfits for your adventure.

A Vintage Flair

Maggie, Rachel & the GPS team love a good vintage find. When able, they’ll source something cute and kitschy — hold the tchotchke!


When does the box ship?

The Global Personal Shopper Box is shipped quarterly on the 15th of every third month.

Can I unsubscribe at any time?

Your credit card will be billed every three months. You’re able to cancel at any time. However, we are unable to refund a quarterly box once it has been paid for. You can review your payment information and subscription details at any time in your customer account once you have joined.

What if I don’t like something in my box?

While GPS strives to include uniquely sourced items with a lot of variety and appeal, we realize everything may not be to everyone’s taste. If something in the box doesn’t suit you, you’re highly encouraged to share the love and gift it to your friends or family!

Can I get a refund?

Due to the nature of the Global Personal Shopper Box, a lot of time and energy is spent sourcing the products included for those currently enrolled. Because of this, we are unable to refund your order once it has been rebilled. If you have questions, please reach out to