Where else in America does a posse of pooches hang 10 in a surfing competition? Loews Coronado Bay Resort pioneered the annual fundraiser in 2005 after an overwhelming response their Su’ruff Camp pup package. What started with 25 salty dogs and twice as many spectators, has blossomed to more than 60 canine curl riders and their humans…

San Diegans love their pets, and rightfully so. An increase in pup pampering has fueled local businesses to roll out the red carpet and embrace Fido. Here are a few favorites: Loews Coronado Bay Resort & Spa: Loews was the first luxury chain to permit pooches. “Pets are family members” said Anne Stephany, Loews director

The last thing many Americans need is more stuff. Contrary to the popular notion that those with the most toys win, it isn’t necessarily so. Experiences, not things, often can be more meaningful.  With the major gift-giving season upon us, perhaps it’s time to rethink the piles of tchotchkes we bestow upon our loved ones

FIVE MOTELS on the Southern California coast recall beach vacations of the past, when stopping at a motor inn was part of the journey. There aren’t many of these old places, but there are a few — lovingly maintained and still welcoming company the old-fashioned way. Outside, a neon sign flickers whether there is a

IT’S THE TIME of year when young and old give rein to their inner and outer child and head to theme parks. California offers those from the whimsical to the wild. There are rides for all ages. The following is a peek into what’s new fun, plus a look at some of the old favorites.

The holidays are fast approaching. Perhaps you haven’t had time to enjoy the special events provided during this time of year. It’s not too late. Following are just a few of the upcoming holiday happenings around Southern California. Read article here:  http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sdut-holidays-happening-all-over-southern-california-2006dec17-story.html

“Konichiwa,” the slight, kimono-clad woman behind the hotel lobby counter said softly. In broken English, she added, “Welcome to the Ryokan Shigetsu.” Jet-black hair was coiffed perfectly atop her head; her small feet, in white socks, perched on wooden getas — sandals. She bowed; her simple elegance was an introduction into the Asian culture and

For one evening every year, the small town of West Hollywood with 36,000 residents becomes the sixth largest city in California.On Oct. 31, more than 450,000 revelers descend on the celebrity enclave to participate in “the largest Halloween street party in the world.” A one-mile stretch of Santa Monica Boulevard hosts the West Hollywood Halloween

The resurgence of urban life is prolific throughout America. Once dilapidated city buildings are being reconfigured, painted, polished and shined, resulting in uber-chic districts. Streets splayed from the heart of downtown unravel into cultural treasure-troves of trendy restaurants, exotic hotels, and unceasing activities. Los Angeles is no exception. Within a three-mile radius of Union Station,

Death Valley, California. The name is foreboding, with visions of bovine skeletons and snakes slithering between the chaparral. I am here to tell you it’s nothing like that. My neighbor, Lynn, and I decided to take a few days and check out this 3.3-million-acre national park. Sand dunes, sculpted rocks, isolated valleys, snow-covered peaks and