Tips for Your Pet’s Stay at an Airbnb

Summer is upon us. That means vacation time for two and four-legged family members! Pet-friendly vacation rentals are perfect when traveling with your beloved pooch. Having a house with a fenced backyard for your pet’s to romp, and your own kitchen where you both can chow down feels like home. You care about where your pet’s vacations.

I run a pet-friendly Airbnb in San Diego, California. As a dog lover, providing a home to families and their mutt is important. Getaways aren’t as fun if your sweet pet is at home, so I offer a rental where pups are welcome. A dog bed, bowls, and toys are provided for your hairy-heartthrob. The quarter acre backyard is a plus when traveling with your beloved pooch. 

Within the past year, over 20 dogs, and even three cats, have enjoyed the house. 

In this San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyle magazine article I outline five questions a pet owner should ask when considering a vacation rental:

1. Does the home have an adequate fenced yard?

2. How many pets do you allow at the property?

3. Is there a size limit for my pet?

4. Do you provide food and water bowls?

5. Is there a pet fee?

To make sure you are staying within the Airbnb’s pet policy, I suggest you message the owner and tell them your dog’s size and age. Some hosts don’t host puppies due to house-training issues.

If traveling outside the country the pet will need proof of vaccinations and a health certificate from their veterinarian. Since rules for traveling out of the country with pets change frequently, I suggest you contact your veterinarian to inquire about what else is needed to travel to their particular destination.

See ya in San Diego! 

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