San Diego’s SDVoyagers Most Inspiring People Includes Me!

Thank you SDVoyager for including me in your choice of San Diego’s most inspiring stories! Extremely grateful and honored.

In 2001, I ventured into my amazingly fun freelance travel journalism career and haven’t looked back. I had copywriting experience from years in the advertising field, so I segued those skills into producing content for destination articles.

The SDVoyager publication asks pertinent questions about the road taken to get ahead in a particular field: Has it always been smooth? Nope. nada, non, it hasn’t. But as with any career, there were learning curves along the way. There still are. But, my passion and tenacity to forge ahead get me to the next level. 

Today, with the loss of numerous newspapers and magazines, I’ve had to delve into digital and social media. Its ever-changing nature makes it a struggle to master. The constant content requires curating good daily posts and blog articles. It’s imperative I remain current in the travel industry, and online is where it’s at now.

They ask how I think the travel industry will change over the next decade. I think within the next five years, the travel industry will be solely digital — videos, online content, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. This will demand another learning curve to stay relevant. But, algorithm-generated numbers allow me to better target my customers’ needs and deliver exactly what they want. To stay ahead of the curve, I went to graduate school at San Diego State University for a master’s in hospitality and tourism management. The provided tools are propelling me to project where the industry is going and how to keep in step.

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