NBC San Diego interviewed those of us participating in the 5K Color Run about security at home and abroad in the wake of global tragedies. The general consensus is to not let it stop us; continue living. The local San Diego Police Department kept everyone safe as we ran the streets being doused with colorful powder!

A relocation to California after college in Pennsylvania plopped me in San Diego, a relatively young state in comparison to those I was accustomed to on the East coast. Upon arriving, I was eager to learn the history of my new home. This was the catalyst for my 800- mile walk to CA’s missions… http://52perfectdays.com/california/800-mile-walk-californias-21-historic-missions/

The Galapagos Islands are teeming with amazing wildlife! It’s a must for your bucket list. My nephew, Pete Reeves, and I were thrilled to visit Ecuador’s World Heritage site, as you’ll read in this blog interview for Pink Pangea — a website for women who love to travel. Here’s a Q&A with helpful tips…  

California State Senator Joel Anderson provided Maggie Espinosa with a Senate Certificate of Recognition for the strong involvement Espinosa has demonstrated by participating in the community and inspiring people to travel. Traveling all over the world is itself a full-time job, but being involved in one’s community can lead to even greater satisfaction. Espinosa has done both. 

Laura Walcher wrote a Camino comparison article about Don Gullans’ Santiago hike in Spain, and my El Camino Real walk with my friends in California. She asked Don & I the same questions. Our answers are a good account of the difference between the two journeys. Don’s Camino and my CALmino were both so wonderful