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XETV CW 6 — Mission Walk With Maggie Espinosa

September 1st, 2015

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A 30 minute interview with Adria @ The Word Fox blog discussing the good, the bad, and the ugly of walking CA’s El Camino Real

August 18th, 2015


August 11th, 2015

On A Mission cover












My book — On a Mission: An 800-mile Walk to Discover California’s El Camino Real — is slated to release in two weeks
Thanks to all of you who made this journey possible, and those who followed my posts. You’re wonderful
Preorders are available at…!/On-a-Mission-An-800-mile-Walk-to-Discover-Californias-El-Camino-Real/p/53258600/category=5330968

CW Channel 6 TV – Planning the Perfect Summer Road Trip

July 28th, 2015

Yikes! The older I get, the more difficult it is to watch myself on TV! What’s up with my hair!?? And my chins !?? Yes, plural, chins! Not to mention the dress. It looked good in my bedroom mirror ?? I need a stylist !!!!

That being said…enjoy my tips on planning a summer road trip :-).
(click here: Planning the Perfect Summer Road Trip)

On a Mission: An 800-mile Walk to Discover California’s El Camino Real (Part 2- “What?? we’ve only walked 22 miles so far!)

July 23rd, 2015

When I left you last, my friend Tracey joined me in San Diego for the first segment of my 800-mile walk to visit California’s 21 missions along El Camino Real.

Twelve miles into the jaunt more foot blisters began popping up. Ironically, it was about the time we reached Broken Hill in Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve — how apropos :-). More mole skin adhesive bandage remedied the problem.

Torrey Pines reserve is filled with its namesake tree, which is the rarest of pine species in the USA. It’s endangered and only grows in San Diego County and on one of the Channel Islands off Ventura County coast. They grow about 25-55 feet tall and have long needles.

The path through the reserve was desolate, surprising given the densely populated area in Del Mar. Perhaps because it was a week day. We passed tall bluffs before descending onto the  Pacific Coast Highway and ocean.

From here was a straight shot to our stopping point for day 1, Cardiff-By-The-Sea Lodge. Sea breezes coaxed us forward as we regaled each other with stories. Our frivolity began to wane as we reached mile 19…20…21…The sun had set, we were hurting, and our backpacks felt like lead as we stumbled on the sandy beach beside the PCH.

Around 5:30 p.m. and 22 miles north from where we started, Chesterfield Road appeared— home to our hotel for the evening. Not a moment too soon. Once in the lobby, we released or packs and they went thud onto the ground. The front desk clerk widened her eyes when hearing how far we walked, and we had 75 more miles to go :-(.

There was no way we were leaving the hotel for dinner. A quick phone call, and pasta was delivered to our door. Piping hot spaghetti, toasted garlic bread, crispy salad…yummmmmmm!!!!!!

I’d like to say we slept like logs, but it was as if we’d exercised TOO much. Our bodies couldn’t settle down. Tracey took a sleeping pill and was out. I, on the other hand, laid there as my legs twitched, unable to stop “walking.”  I needed to get some shut-eye for the long 23 mile walk tomorrow…

[Please look for the book I wrote about my entire 796-mile journey titled On a Mission. It’s publishing in August, 2015.]

On a Mission: An 800-mile Walk to Discover California’s El Camino Real (part 1)

July 21st, 2015

WALK? Yup, walk! Recently, at the age of 53, I laced up my Nike Pegasus and embarked on an 800-mile journey to visit California’s 21 missions along El Camino Real.

Why? No reason. Just because. I’m not an endurance athlete. I came to find out I’m far from it :-). I wasn’t soul searching. I did that in my 40’s when I was trying to decide what to do for the rest of my life. I’m just an ordinary middle-aged woman. Before starting I decided to send an email to my friends and family asking if anyone wanted to join me. A surprising number said yes.

My buddy, Tracey, signed up to walk the first leg with me from Mission San Diego de Alcala to Mission San Juan Capistrano — 80 miles over 4 days! TID BIT: In September, 2015 Pope Francis, while on his USA visit, is going to canonize Junipero Serra, the friar who started California’s mission project.

The night before launch Trac and I carbo-loaded on  huge bowls of pesto pasta! I think the whole pasta thing may be a myth, but it was worth a try. The older I get heavy meals just make me tired :-).

After a 7:30 a.m. blessing from the mission priest the next morning, we were off. Laden with backpacks, fueled by KIND energy bars, we hit the San Diego sidewalks. Within 5 minutes we passed the first of California’s 555 mission bells that run the length of El Camino Real. The state replaced the original bells when they fell into disrepair and/or were stolen. Wow, ya gotta be pretty low to steal a mission bell.

We wound thru numerous neighborhoods – Kearny Mesa, Clairemont, and UTC, where we stopped for lunch at Tender Greens after covering approximately 10 miles. Mistake! Bodies do better in perpetual motion. After sitting for an hour, our muscles rebelled when we got up to continue the walk. Slowly, we resumed our journey. By now, small blisters were forming on our heels. A few miles further the water filled devils became bothersome enough to warrant applying mole skin adhesive.

But, we still had our sense of humor as you can see. Twelve miles in and we were still smiling :-). This would change later that day. Stay tuned…

[I wrote a book about my entire 796-mile journey titled On a Mission. It’s publishing in August, 2015 Check back for details]

Mission Walk Video. Highlights from the 800-Mile Journey

May 24th, 2015

CA Mission Walk (click here to watch video)

Animal Tales: Marcel, the Traveling Pooch

May 21st, 2015

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San Jose Mercury News mission article

April 23rd, 2015

(click here to read article) mission walk article

April 23rd, 2015

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